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Shipping & Delivery

    The logistics staff of homeonlinemall store will provide the services you need for the logistics of your order. The products you buy in our store will be sent out to our China Shenzhen Stock Exchange warehouse. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, and we will have dedicated customer service staff to answer your questions. Our customer service mailbox:

    After you purchase our products, your order will be sent to your order address through the following process:
1. Notification of successful purchase
    After you purchase the product in our store and confirm the payment, we will send you an email to notify you of the successful purchase.

2. Processing the order
    After our staff sees the order information of your adult dog purchase, they will process your order information and prepare the goods for you. This process will be completed in 1-3 days. After the order information is processed, the products you have purchased will be delivered to your order address by the logistics company. It usually takes 1-3 working days for us to process your order. However, please note that the processing time will also be affected by the inventory status of individual products, national legal holidays, etc. If your order contains very popular items, it may take 5-10 business days for the order to be processed and sent. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these delays and thank you for your patience.

3. Delivery
    The homeonlinemall system will automatically match the best distribution logistics according to factors such as the sales platform, product size, and weight. If the street address of the order contains "PO Boxes", the system will review and judge based on the delivery logistics you choose. If the corresponding logistics method cannot be delivered to an address containing "PO Box", the system will determine that the order is an abnormal order, and the customer service staff will notify you to modify the address or cancel the order.
Note: During the peak season, orders from warehouses in the United States surge. The above logistics time limit is for reference only, and the actual delivery time of the warehouse shall prevail.
US standard shipping time: 7-15 working days
Note: Affected by Covid-19, there will be a certain delay in shipment.

4. Freight
We will charge according to your order amount:

Shipping methods Order Amount Shipping Price
Standard Shipping Less than $50 Charge $6.99
Free Shipping Over $50 $0 (Free)

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